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Traditional Designer Gold Plated Necklaces With Earrings And Maang Tikka Collection
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Every bride wants her special day to be unique and memorable, therefore apart from the perfect wedding saree, she must choose the matching accessories accordingly. Fashion ornaments such as necklaces, earrings, and tikka are a definite must wear for all brides. These accessories add a whole new look to the bride and she will look and feel incomplete without them. Most wedding sarees are low cut in order for the wearer to display her jewellery that will complement her neck. Likewise, earrings will lay emphasis on her ears and tikka a traditional item which will be worn between the hair partings and has been worn by brides and women for centuries. 

Bridal jewellery is highly significant in Indian tradition and is usually chosen at the time of purchasing the wedding saree so that it will be perfectly matching and is usually treated as important or equally important as the wedding saree. Our custom range of bridal jewellery is sure to woo you as we offer a wide variety in jewellery, there is a perfect choice for all as we know that each bride is different and has her preference in mind. And does not want to be wearing similar designs to other brides.


Our bridal jewellery set range consists of a necklace, a pair of earrings and a maang tikka. All designs are original and authentic created by our team of designers who work tirelessly to bring to you these intricate designs which fuse both modern and traditional features giving the best possible end product. 


We have designer stone bridal jewellery consisting of necklace, earrings and a  tikka. Whether you are looking for bridal jewellery pearl set, bridal jewellery stone set, we have all the options. A special range of bridal jewellery that we offer is a floral design that has stones embedded in the metal, this design is available in a number of stone colors so you can choose from them. The designs are heavy enough for any wedding and are also still traditional enough to be worn for those close family only weddings, so don't worry about that.


Apart from bridal jewellery sets we also deal in bridal tikka designs, these designs are based on Kundan pearls. There are various different designs and pearl colors to choose from. The designs are well thought out in order to cater directly to the needs of the customer.


Our manufacturer, wholesale salwar is one of the leaders in the manufacturing and exporting of textiles such as sarees, salwar kameez, lehenga choli, gown,  etc. The main portion of business is from the international market, countries such as USA, UK, Australia, Oman, Kuwait to name a few are our main clients. We take great pride in our products and that is why we take the initiative to guarantee that all customers are satisfied with the product received. 

Here at wholesalesalwar.com we offer a wide range of bridal jewellery designs and also various earrings for all occasions. We offer full catalog for wholesale purchase or single piece purchase for one piece purchase. Furthermore, we offer fast efficient shipping to several international countries making us a good choice for accessories online