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The Silk saree is a timeless Indian ethnic garment that has been worn since the beginning of time by women. This 6-9 yard fabric is elegantly draped across the wearers body in a way that is both comfortable as well as stylish. Embedded in our roots, this is one clothing that will not be going away ever.

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Wholesale Cotton Silk Saree catalog

In our most updated collection, latest cotton silk saree catalogs, you will find each catalog to have many different designs and colors , this is to provide greater choice for all retailers who want only the best styles for their customers, which is exactly what we want for our clients. Even though we specialize in this category of fabric, you can find many other types including aura cotton silk sarees in bright hues.

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Plain Cotton Silk Sarees

The most basic type of cotton silk saree formed by blending both cotton and silk fibers in the weaving process, the product is a unique exotic type of fabric that is slightly textured but cannot be called as rough either. if you are 

Chanderi Cotton Silk Sarees

Chanderi cotton is known to be very comfortable to wear throughout the day, especially in summers that are very hot. In chanderi cotton silk saree you will not not sweat too much as it has an air circulating system to keep you cool and refreshed ready to be active at home, work, or at a special event like a religious celebration.

Kota Cotton Silk Sarees

Made in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, they are created using skilled handloom experts and are characterized by the small square block designs in the fabric weave. Alternating blocks for cotton and silk give an attractive look that is noticed at first glance. Other decorations include stonework, embroidery that increases your overall appearance.

Korvai Cotton Silk Sarees 

The joining of two different borders with the saree is an age-old technique involved to make these classic pieces. Many colors are displayed on a single fabric in a clever way so that it does not look bad. Instead you will be the center of attraction wherever you are.

Banarasi Cotton Silk Sarees

Banarasi silk sarees made in Varanasi are the most beloved garment in the country. Because of this we have decided to incorporate them into a cotton saree to give not only fashionable but also a comfortable looking outfit that will be even more loved by all women who wear it and know what it has to offer. if you simply want banarasi sarees then we have wholesale banrasi sarees also.

Soft Cotton Silk Saree

By increasing the cotton thread count we have managed to craft a garment that is softer than regular cotton materials, this is perfectly fused with the silk to give a smoother than all kinds of saree that will make you think it is actually silk but it is not.

Cotton Printed Silk Sarees

Featuring all the patterns imaginable, our Printed cotton silk sarees are just what you might need to get you through a busy day. Cotton is known to be used all over the world in all clothing, even our traditional clothing. Comfortable, easy to wear and even easier to wash and dry. These are all properties of the printed cotton silk saree that we know is your favorite for regular daily wear and casual wear. Floral, checked, paisley are just a few prints you can own now. we also have wholesale printed sarees at cheap price.

Supplier and Manufacturer 

Located in Surat, Gujarat, this is our warehouse home from which we are able to carry out our manufacture and supply operations. Distributing to all cities in India and exporting to international countries such as the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Fiji, Malaysia, South Africa, and many more shipping services are both domestic and international according to needs. Other products we make are sarees, kurtis, surat lehenga online, salwar kameez, gowns, kidswear and even menswear.

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